MacDonald Johnston has two manufacturing locations within Victoria.  The site at Scoresby, Victoria manufactures the full range of compactor bodies. The bodies are  assembled to cab chassis.

 The facility at 65-73 Nantilla Road, Clayton North Vic manufactures side loader bodies and 
assembles these, plus the rest of the range of compactor bodies, onto chassis for customers in Australia and internationally.  All truck mounted sweeper assembly is also carried out at the Nantilla Road facility as is factory conversion of truck units to dual-steer.
At the Nantilla Road site two assembly lines operate, one for the preparation of compactor and sweeper bodies for mounting to cab chassis and another for the cab chassis to flow down as all of the final assembly takes place.
Both sites have paint facilities and share common tooling and process where possible.
In each manufacturing facility the technicians responsible for manufacturing and assembly operations are skilled in a range of processes and the quality of the work carried out is both assessed by the responsible technicians at the time of undertaking the work and afterwards through a quality inspection process. A formal quality inspection reporting process is in place through which opportunities for improvement in process and quality of outcomes are identified.
Manufacturing processes are established based on safety of operation and lean manufacturing principles with each of the facilities boasting many examples of this focus. 
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